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CA RE Law Textbook, 5th Ed – ISBN 978-1-939259-98-1
CA RE Practice Textbook, 9th ed, ISBN 978-1-950728-02-2
Principles of CA RE Textbook, 19th Ed ISBN 978-1-950728-00-8
Financing Residential Real Estate
Financing Residential Real Estate 20th Edition
Released: 2018
Rockwell Publishing
Authors: Megan Dorsey and David L. Rockwell
ISBN: 978-1-939259-89-9
List Price: $44.95

Financing Residential Real Estate has earned a reputation in the real estate community as the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and clearly written book in its field. This thorough and easy-to-use manual explains the real estate lending process in detail—from the initial loan application to the closing of the transaction. Financing provides a practical, step-by-step guide to the most popular real estate financing programs available in the country today. Each loan program is explained in simple everyday language, with generous use of examples, exercises, sample forms, and worksheets. Financing covers:

  • the loan application process,
  • loan underwriting standards,
  • conventional, FHA, and VA loans,
  • seller financing,
  • fair lending practices, and
  • predatory lending.

To gain a thorough understanding of the principles behind residential real estate financing, this is the book you need.

Property Management
Property Management 3rd Edition
Released: 2021
Rockwell Publishing
Authors: Kathryn Haupt, Inger Faraz, Dawn Henry, David Jarman, Joe Reiner
ISBN: 978-1-950728-04-6
List Price: $44.95

Property Management is a comprehensive introduction to managing investment real estate, including residential properties (apartment buildings and single-family rental homes) and commercial properties (office, retail, and industrial space). It’s designed for use in community college courses and in accredited continuing education courses for real estate agents. It can also serve as a practical reference book, either for property managers or for owners managing their own investment property. Property Management covers:

  • working with management clients,
  • management planning,
  • marketing rental properties,
  • tenant selection and lease negotiations,
  • lease termination and eviction, and
  • risk management.

To gain a thorough understanding of the property management profession, this is the book you need.

Real Estate Appraisal
Real Estate Appraisal 8th Edition
Released: 2018br>Rockwell Publishing
Authors: Joseph F. Schram, Jr.
ISBN: 978-1-939259-84-4
List Price: $44.95
Real Estate Appraisal provides a thorough introduction to real estate appraisal for those preparing to become licensed or certified appraisers. It also serves as a textbook in college-level and continuing education courses for real estate professionals.

Real Estate Appraisal gives a current overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject, with an emphasis on residential appraisal practices. The book covers:

  • steps in the appraisal process,
  • collection and analysis of appraisal data,
  • legal descriptions,
  • appraisal math,
  • analyzing highest and best use,
  • land valuation methods,
  • residential construction,
  • estimating cost and depreciation,
  • selection and analysis of comparables,
  • income capitalization,
  • appraisal reports,
  • appraisal of special interest properties, and
  • the appraisal profession.

Like all of Rockwell’s textbooks, Real Estate Appraisal offers a variety of helpful study aids, such as detailed chapter outlines, practice exercises, chapter review quizzes with explanations, and a glossary containing hundreds of relevant terms.

Washington Real Estate Fundamentals
Washington Real Estate Fundamentals 21st Edition
Released: 2021
Rockwell Publishing
Authors: Kathryn J. Haupt (editor)
ISBN: 978-1-950728-06-0
List Price: $51.95
Washington Real Estate Fundamentals provides an overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of real estate. A product of 32 years’ experience in real estate education, Washington Real Estate Fundamentals is widely acclaimed as the foremost prelicense text in Washington.

Rockwell’s Fundamentals incorporates the latest in real estate law, regulations, and business practices. It uses a range of proven study aids such as illustrations, graphs, outlines, vocabulary reviews, and chapter quizzes. The text covers all key concepts necessary to a thorough understanding of real estate transactions, including:

  • the nature of real property,
  • estates in land and methods of holding and transferring property,
  • restrictions on land use,
  • real estate contracts,
  • real estate agency,
  • financing and appraisal,
  • property management,
  • the closing process,
  • real estate math, and
  • Washington real estate license law.

This book currently serves as the basis for many prelicense real estate courses in Washington State. It is also an excellent reference tool for the general real estate practitioner.

Washington Real Estate Law
Washington Real Estate Law 8th Edition
Released: 2018
Rockwell Publishing
Authors: Kathryn J. Haupt, Jennifer Gotanda, Dawn Henry, Joe Reiner
ISBN: 978-1-939259-88-2
List Price: $44.95

Washington Real Estate Law explains the legal aspects of real estate in a practical way. In addition to discussing the laws that govern the ownership and sale of real estate in Washington, it examines common legal problems in real estate transactions and presents examples from actual court cases. First, the text introduces you to our legal system, explaining how laws are made and how courts decide lawsuits. The book goes on to cover the full range of real estate law topics, including:

  • the distinction between real and personal property,
  • interests in real estate,
  • forms of real property ownership,
  • real estate agency,
  • real estate contracts,
  • deeds of trust, mortgages, and foreclosure,
  • title transfer,
  • land use controls,
  • real estate taxation,
  • fair housing issues, and
  • landlord/tenant law.

Washington Real Estate Law incorporates all of Rockwell’s proven educational tools, such as charts, examples, chapter outlines, terminology sections, summaries, exercises, and quizzes.

Washington Real Estate Practices
Washington Real Estate Practices 10th Edition
Released: 2019
Rockwell Publishing
Authors: Kathryn J. Haupt and Megan Dorsey
ISBN: 978-1-939259-95-0
List Price: $44.95
Washington Real Estate Practices serves as the basis for the real estate practices course required by the Washington Department of Licensing. It provides an overview of the practical, day-to-day aspects of the real estate business.

An excellent reference book for the real estate professional, Washington Practices explains the latest real estate laws, regulations, and business practices in clear and easy-to-follow language. It teaches the essential skills that Washington real estate agents must master, including:

  • working with clients,
  • pricing property,
  • complying with fair housing laws,
  • filling out necessary agreements,
  • handling offers and counteroffers,
  • prequalifying buyers, and
  • guiding transactions through the closing process.

To bring the material to life, Washington Practices offers a wide variety of study aids, including examples of forms and worksheets, chapter outlines and summaries, quizzes with explanations, and a glossary with hundreds of real estate terms.

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