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Washington Real Estate Continuing Education FAQ

Question: When do I have to renew my license?

Answer: Your real estate license expires every two years (on the anniversary of the dates of issuance), at which time you must apply for renewal and pay a renewal fee. If the renewal application is late, you must pay a late fee.
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Question: When do corporation and partnership licenses have to be renewed?

Answer: Licenses issued to corporations and partnerships must be renewed every two years. The renewal date is the calendar date on which the license was issued.
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Question: What are the requirements for license renewal?


  • If you have NEVER renewed your license before, you must complete: a 30-hour Advanced Real Estate Practices course, a 30-hour Real Estate Law course, and 30 hours of other approved real estate courses, including the three-hour Core Curriculum course.
  • If you are renewing your license for the second (and each subsequent) time, you must complete: 30 hours of approved real estate courses, including the three-hour Core Curriculum course.
  • You can only use a course to fulfill the renewal requirement if you began the course: (1) after issuance of your initial license; and (2) within 36 months of your renewal date.

If you have taken more than 30 hours during a renewal period, up to fifteen hours of any excess can be carried forward to the next two-year renewal period.
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Question: Am I required to take 30 hours while my license is on inactive status?

Answer: No. However, if your license is inactive for more than three consecutive years you will be required to complete a 30-hour course before being allowed to activate the license.

NOTE: This license activation course is an elective, but it must be a 30-hour course, not an accumulation of shorter courses.
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Question: How long can my license remain inactive?

Answer: Indefinitely, as long as you continue to pay your required renewal fees.
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Question: My license was supposed to be renewed ten months ago but I didn’t do it. Is it too late to renew the license?

Answer: No. You can renew by simply paying the renewal and late fees up to twelve months after expiration. After twelve months the license is canceled.
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Question: My license wasn’t renewed within twelve months of expiration. Does this mean I have to take the license exam again?

Answer: Not necessarily. A license can be reinstated within two years after cancellation if you do all of the following:

  • Successfully complete 60 hours of approved real estate courses (including a 30-hour real estate law course) within one year before applying for reinstatement;
  • pay all back renewal fees, plus penalties; and
  • pay a reinstatement penalty.

Alternatively, you could just take the state examination again. Unless more than three years have elapsed since you took your real estate fundamentals course—in which case you would have to complete it again to be eligible for the exam—it might be easier and more cost-effective to take our exam review course (the Cram course) and sit for the examination.
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Question: How do I renew my license?

Answer: The Department of Licensing website has a page to help you through the renewal process: www.dol.wa.gov/business/realestate/brokersrenew.html.
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Question: How much is the fee for my license renewal?

Answer: The most up-to-date fee schedule can be found on the Department of Licensing website: www.dol.wa.gov/business/realestate/fees.html.
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