Listen to your real estate course, elevate your learning experience.

Introducing a new way to complete pre-licensing curriculum with Rockwell: Experience your entire course with the option to simultaneously read and listen to material.

Elevate your learning experience with our new audio option

No matter which self-paced, online pre-licensing package you choose, enjoy immediate access to our new feature that allows you to supplement your learning experience with our new read-along, audio option.

Faster Learning

With the audio option, the text in your course material is highlighted as you go — and you control the speed of your learning. Gain an understanding of the material, at your own pace.

More flexibility

Learn how, where and when you want. Prefer to listen to your course? The audio option gives you the power to learn how, where, and when you want, and can be accessed on your mobile device.

Ready to use our new audio option?