Refund Policy - Rockwell Institute

The Rockwell Institute Refund Policy

A student is entitled to a full tuition refund if ALL of the following conditions have been met:

  • within 14 days of the student's registration date, Rockwell has received a written note canceling the student's registration and requesting a refund;
  • the student has not attended any classes (for a live-lecture course) or logged on to the course (for an online course), and
  • the textbook (if any) has been returned to Rockwell in an unused condition.

The refund will not be paid until the written refund request and the returned textbook (if any) have been received by Rockwell. Course materials other than a textbook do not need to be returned. Return shipping will be at the student's expense. The refund will be paid within 30 days of receipt of the written refund request and returned textbook (if any).

No refund request will be considered

  • after the student has attended any classes (for a live-lecture course) or logged on to the course (for an online course) or downloaded an eBook; or
  • any later than 14 days after the student's registration date.
Verified Student Reviews

Thank you for your online classes! I had taken classes elsewhere and failed the exam. I then ordered your online course and passed the test. The test seemed easy after taking your online course.

Greg V.

I took the real estate course from another provider and failed the test twice. Perhaps it was due to all of the misspelled words or the poor sentence structure or maybe the large black watermark on every page that obscured much of the information. Then I took the Rockwell course and passed the test ...

Rich E.

I passed. It seemed very easy and I felt well prepared. Your course was well worth it. Thanks!

Steve B.
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