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General Online Course FAQ

General Online Course FAQ

Question: I’ve just purchased an online course; how do I get started?

Answer: Simply log in to your Rockwell account and click the course title to begin. Our online courses are presented much like a slideshow; simply click the “forward” button to proceed through the course. Don’t forget to watch for “pop-up” sample questions (in certain courses), and complete all the quizzes and exams. If you have any questions, we’re available to help!
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Question: Why are books being shipped if I ordered only an online course?

Answer: Some of our online courses include a free textbook for use as a study supplement. Many students find a textbook to be helpful because it can be used for highlighting or note-taking. You are not required to use the textbook when taking an online course.
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Question: Should I read the book first before logging into the online course?

Answer: The textbooks that come with online courses are supplemental learning materials. You do not need to read the book first; instead, if you find it helpful, you can follow along in the book as you proceed through the online course. Be aware that only the time you spend logged on to the online course is counted toward your clock hours requirement. The system has no way to track the time you spend reading the book.
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Question: Does it matter what course I start with?

Answer: If you’re taking multiple online courses at the same time, it generally does not matter which one you complete first. However, for Washington Broker’s License students, we recommend that you begin with Washington Real Estate Fundamentals first, then move on to Washington Real Estate Practices.
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Question: Do I have to be logged in during certain times of the day?

Answer: One of the advantages of online learning is that you can complete the course at your own pace, on your own schedule. It does not matter what time of day you study. Be aware that, on occasion, system maintenance is performed on our servers very early in the morning, usually on Sundays. You cannot be online during this time, but you are always warned well in advance, and the downtime is typically less than 5 minutes. Watch for warning messages on your Welcome Page that will alert you to upcoming maintenance times.
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Question: What happens if my course expires before I finish it?

Answer: If your course expires before you finish it, you MAY be eligible for an extension (for a fee). You MUST request the extension on or before your course expiration date for an extension to be possible. (The expiration date is found next to the course name on your Welcome page.) An extension is no longer applicable if your original registration (date of payment) is over 15 months old.

**CA continuing education courses cannot be extended after 12 months from the original registration date, per DRE**

How can I listen to my real estate course?

Answer: No matter which self-paced, online real estate package you choose, enjoy immediate access to our narrating audio learning option that allows you to listen to your entire course. This audio narration even highlights the physical text as you listen along.

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