Property Management

Property Management 3rd Edition
Released: 2021
Rockwell Publishing
Authors: Kathryn Haupt, Inger Faraz, Dawn Henry, David Jarman, Joe Reiner
ISBN: 978-1-950728-04-6
List Price: $44.95

Property Management is a comprehensive introduction to managing investment real estate, including residential properties (apartment buildings and single-family rental homes) and commercial properties (office, retail, and industrial space). It's designed for use in community college courses and in accredited continuing education courses for real estate agents. It can also serve as a practical reference book, either for property managers or for owners managing their own investment property. Property Management covers:

  • working with management clients,
  • management planning,
  • marketing rental properties,
  • tenant selection and lease negotiations,
  • lease termination and eviction, and
  • risk management.

To gain a thorough understanding of the property management profession, this is the book you need.