Washington Real Estate Fundamentals

Washington Real Estate Fundamentals 21st Edition
Released: 2021
Rockwell Publishing
Authors: Kathryn J. Haupt (editor)
ISBN: 978-1-950728-06-0
List Price: $51.95
Washington Real Estate Fundamentals provides an overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of real estate. A product of 32 years' experience in real estate education, Washington Real Estate Fundamentals is widely acclaimed as the foremost prelicense text in Washington.

Rockwell's Fundamentals incorporates the latest in real estate law, regulations, and business practices. It uses a range of proven study aids such as illustrations, graphs, outlines, vocabulary reviews, and chapter quizzes. The text covers all key concepts necessary to a thorough understanding of real estate transactions, including:

  • the nature of real property,
  • estates in land and methods of holding and transferring property,
  • restrictions on land use,
  • real estate contracts,
  • real estate agency,
  • financing and appraisal,
  • property management,
  • the closing process,
  • real estate math, and
  • Washington real estate license law.

This book currently serves as the basis for many prelicense real estate courses in Washington State. It is also an excellent reference tool for the general real estate practitioner.