Washington Real Estate Law

Washington Real Estate Law 8th Edition
Released: 2018
Rockwell Publishing
Authors: Kathryn J. Haupt, Jennifer Gotanda, Dawn Henry, Joe Reiner
ISBN: 978-1-939259-88-2
List Price: $44.95

Washington Real Estate Law explains the legal aspects of real estate in a practical way. In addition to discussing the laws that govern the ownership and sale of real estate in Washington, it examines common legal problems in real estate transactions and presents examples from actual court cases. First, the text introduces you to our legal system, explaining how laws are made and how courts decide lawsuits. The book goes on to cover the full range of real estate law topics, including:

  • the distinction between real and personal property,
  • interests in real estate,
  • forms of real property ownership,
  • real estate agency,
  • real estate contracts,
  • deeds of trust, mortgages, and foreclosure,
  • title transfer,
  • land use controls,
  • real estate taxation,
  • fair housing issues, and
  • landlord/tenant law.

Washington Real Estate Law incorporates all of Rockwell's proven educational tools, such as charts, examples, chapter outlines, terminology sections, summaries, exercises, and quizzes.